Power of shared experiences

Thursday 12th April, 2018 by Samir Pekaz

Originally posted on medium.com

As globalisation marches on, the world is becoming a smaller and more intimate place than it ever was. Technology and social media have revolutionized our lifestyles and enabled us to get in touch swiftly and directly with products, companies or people we need. Opinions, if formed on this, differ. Nevertheless, this means that some business models are becoming obsolete, especially the ones that put costly obstacles between the customers and the experts. The world is spinning fast and at CrewLance, we believe it is time for a change. Customers welcome less hassle, fewer expenses and owning things, more money and more free time. We, as a human race today expect a lot, quite frankly! Companies are expected to oblige and the race on the innovation track is fierce.

We believe in a business model that improves employment experience and where customers do not need inflated agency fees just to hire experienced and trustworthy event crews — In most cases event organisers or event production companies know what they need, we know who you need.

With CrewLance, event organisers will gain access to professional event crews that are treated fairly, with dignity and respect, and above all — who are paid their worth. We are a collective of people of various experiences, beliefs, ethnic backgrounds, genders and who believe in a concept called the power of shared experiences. For us, this means that every individual’s experience is a valuable piece of mosaic that completes the big picture — and that is our mantra. Various identities provide various outlooks, and with CrewLance you can hire with the best possible crew in London to cater to your event and organisation needs!

You can always reach and talk to us via our website chat on www.crewlance.me, email hello@crewlance.me, phone +44(0)2070971566 or direct message any of us on Linekdin. We are committed and happy to help in making events industry employment better!